The job makes us move

That certainly was one of the reasons why both of us stayed in CA for school.

My wifey and I have been living in CA for our whole lives so far. My wifey was born and raised in the Sacramento section and I was born in the bay section, down near San Francisco. After school, both of us ended up in LA for school. I was attending a local school to earn a business degree and my wifey was attending school to earn a degree in the field of hospital administration. The 2 of us were in a statistics class that was the hardest course I had to pass, and july sat in front of myself and others and I could smell the amazing shampoo in her hair. It smelled like strawberries and it was totally intoxicating. After weeks, I decided to ask her out for dinner. I was cheerful when she said yup. The 2 of us went to a nice pizzeria by the water. The view was spectacular, but so was the conversation. All of us then went on a date every week for the next 6 weeks. All of us went hiking and to the local movies and every one of us enjoyed using cannabis together. Not everyone enjoys using cannabis, but my bestie and I found the like of weed in common. That certainly was one of the reasons why both of us stayed in CA for school. All of us did not want to hand over legal cannabis. When every one of us graduated from school, I suggested getting married a while ago and my bestie said yup. July and I settled into our life in LA, but a few weeks ago she was given a new task in my hometown of San Francisco. I was particularly excited to go and return to the bay area.

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