The hotel was a really great place to be

My wifey wanted to go to lunch plus a show in San Francisco, so I thought it was best for both of us to stay in a hotel overnight, san Francisco is a 2-minute drive from our home, plus I knew both of us would be weary after the show, and it honestly would not end until after 11 plus I did not want to be caught driving home while I was weary.

I thought it might be nice to stay anywhere by The Wharf.

My wifey thought that was a enjoyable method too, even though our theater was about 12 miles away, however both of us had lunch in a honestly nice restaurant a few blocks away from our hotel in Chinatown, however the egg rolls plus noodles were cooked to perfection. My wifey plus I got back to our hotel room shortly after midnight. San Francisco was lit up with lots of bright colored lights plus the view was spectacular. In fact, the town was so nice that my wifey plus I decided to stay for a minute morning. Both of us rented a vehicle plus spent most of the morning at the beach. Both of us went to a recreational marijuana shop plus bought some edible cannabis treats. Both of us had to marijuana edibles each before both of us started our morning plus both of us laughed plus acted adore adolescents that morning. It was entirely nice to get away from the house for many mornings plus it made myself and others realize how much I enjoy spending time with my wifey, whether both of us go to a expensive theater or a muddy beach, this girl is the a single I want to adventure with.

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