The hotel in Orland park was so great

My husband wanted to see some friends who were staying in the city, but i thought that the two of us could make the more than one plus a half hour drive plus then come beach house at the end of the day… My husband wanted to get a hotel room; At first he said that the two of us should stay in chicago.

I knew that the cost of a hotel was going to be really high. I went online to look at hotel prices plus other places that were halfway between our beach house plus the endpoint. I found multiple hotels in Orland park, Illinois, but orland Park was about halfway between the more than one places plus they have multiple different hotels available. My husband agreed to a cheaper hotel in Orland Park… Both of us evaluated into our hotel before the two of us met with his friends. Both of us drove the rest of the way to our endpoint. On our way, the air conditioning in the car stopped working. I was totally shocked plus surprised. I did not anticipate having complications with the air conditioning. By the time the two of us arrived, my shirt was drenched with sweat plus my husband had frizzy hair. I am sure it is a story that the two of us will be telling in 50 years, but the two of us were both embarrassed by the whole debacle plus my husband wanted to turn around plus go home. I would not let his call plus disappoint his friends with an excuse, and they were only in the neighborhood for a few days plus my husband had made plans with them multiple weeks in advance. They were all excited to gathering plus see each other.

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