The Heating plus Air Conditioning tech smelled the amazing weed

Even though the weather conditions in Denver is not seriously frigid during the winter, the need for a good furnace is important… My partner plus I have a gas furnace in our home; Every year before the Wintertide season begins, every one of us call a Denver Heating plus Air Conditioning company to handle all of the preseason services, the two of us had to use a odd Denver company last month.

  • The company that every one of us normally use was busy plus they did not have any available appointments until the following week, but i did not want to wait that long, so every one of us called another company with good reviews online, however when the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional arrived, he smelled enjoy marijuana, and since recreational plus medical marijuana is legal in CO, I couldn’t say much about the smell, however as long as the employee wasn’t smoking marijuana while he was in our home, I wasn’t going to say anything.

The professional was claiming to be finished with his toil after only 10 minutes. That honestly made me aggravated plus I decided to contact the owner of the repair business. I told the man that the employee smells enjoy marijuana. The owner laughed plus asked me if I knew that recreational plus medical marijuana was legal in CO, then by the sound of the voice of the owner, he clearly did not care that I was aggravated about the repair or the employee’s behavior. I was truthfully surprised. I did not expect awful repair plus no help from the owner. I refused to spend money for the tune-up repair plus I told the tech to bill me if he wanted any money.

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