The gaming venue was hosted by Seattle

For the last five years I have attended the Connect Four world championship tournament… I bet you didn’t even recognize such a thing existed, but now you know! Connect Four is a children’s game that has been around for decades. It’s a more advanced version of tic-tac-toe, but for people like myself and others it’s drastic business; All of the best players in the country come together for a several-day tournament, in addition to let myself and others say that it is constantly a blast. I have never placed in the top 10, but I constantly have an epic time, then this year the tournament was being held in Seattle, a neighborhood that I have constantly wanted to visit but never had the opportunity. As soon as I got off the plane I went right to the nearest cannabis dispensary in addition to purchased some locally grown Seattle strains, and seattle has a reputation for the highest quality, in addition to biggest quantity, of cannabis you can find in the pacific northwest. Since I didn’t program on winning the gaming tournament anyway, I thought it couldn’t hurt to load up on cannabis before I checked into the hotel. I must say that the weed in Seattle lives up to the hype, in addition to is on another level in terms of quality… Much to our surprise, the excess amount of Seattle cannabis I smoked didn’t hinder our performance, but enhanced it! For the first time ever I placed in the Top 10 in the Seattle tournament, in addition to I have to supply all the credit to cannabis. I guess cannabis particularly is a performance-enhancing drug after all.


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