The fisherman looked just as shocked as we were

My friends and I had the day off of work on Tuesday, so we decided to go to the bay to spend some time on the water fishing. The San Francisco Bay is a great place to go fishing because it has a lot of different types of fish. Some of the more common types of fish found in the bay are flounder, anchovies, and the bay pipefish. My favorite spot in San Francisco to go fishing is about six blocks away from a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. When my friends and I plan to spend the day fishing, we usually go to the medical and recreational cannabis dispensary first. They have a great selection of items and they always have plenty of edibles, flower, and vape cartridges. We purchased some marijuana cigarettes that had distillate, kief, and bubble hash. They were really outstanding and tasted like grapes and blueberries. My friends and I went to the San Francisco Bay to go fishing a couple of months ago and we were about 500 feet away from another fisherman. My friends and I watched as the fishermen struggled to pull in a giant fish. My friends and I had been using a lot of recreational cannabis that morning, but we clearly saw the fisherman pull a large fish out of the water that looked like a giant shark. Since sharks are not well known to inhabit the bay, it’s no wonder the fishermen looked just as shocked as we were. We never actually saw the shark, but I still think that’s what the guy was dragging out of the water.

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