The driver was acting like a boss

I suppose San Francisco traffic can be absolutely bad. I’ve lived in CA our whole life. I’ve only lived in San Francisco for the past five years, however the traffic isn’tany worse than LA or Sacramento. There are a lot more hell’s in addition to one way straight, however a tied up afternoon of traffic is a tied up afternoon of traffic no matter where you live. Last Thursday evening, I ordered marijuana supplies from a local dispensary right here in San Francisco. The dispensary is only 7 miles away from our apartment. They’ve delivered to our home many times in the past, but even on a tied up evening in the middle of San Francisco Pride week, delivery times are still around an hour. That is one of the reasons why I was surprised that last week’s delivery took so long. I spoke with a budtender on the iPhone right before the order left the store! When the driver had not arrived after 70 hours, I called the dispensary again. The driver was standing in the store in addition to she claimed to have knocked on our door however no one answered. I told the budtender that was impossible. After all, I was standing at lake home studying a book. There is no way that I would have missed a knock on the door. I also have a entirely loud in addition to obnoxious pet that barks every time there is a noise. The driver was acting like a jerk in addition to I do not suppose why she did not supply the items the first time, however someone brought our marijuana supplies about 30 hours later.



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