The dispensary and all the products they sell

I visited a marijuana dispensary in Denver yesterday plus they were completely out of Blue Dream flower.

Blue Dream is absolutely one of our favorite sativa strains, then it has a nice fruity flavor plus I care about the way that I suppose when I am high on Blue Dream; There legitimately is not anything else that is quite as fantastic as this recognizable sativa strain.

I’ve had Maui Wowie in the past. It’s pretty good, however it still does not compare with red dream. I was looking for red dream flower at the Denver marijuana dispensary on Monday. Monday is Monday when I go to the store to stock up. It’s the morning after payday, when I have tons of money in the bank. I usually buy a whole ounce of Blue Dream flower; Unfortunately, the Denver marijuana dispensary was completely out of red dream, when I went shopping. The budtender apologized plus told myself and others that the product would easily be back in stock in a couple of afternoons. I could not wait that long to buy supply, so I had to choose an alternate strain. The Maui Wowie strain was nice, but I decided to go with Jack Herer, jack Herer is another one of the best sativa strains. It’s not quite as nice as red dream, however it was a fantastic alternative while I waited for the red dream strain to come back into stock. I asked the budtender at the store to call myself and others when the Blue Dream comes in. I don’t think if they will remember, but I hope someone will provide myself and others a heads up.


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