The Denver Broncos are very fun to watch!

My neighbor plus I scored tickets to go to a Denver Broncos pigskin game. It was the middle of the season plus the team was enjoying a winning record at the time. My neighbor won the tickets from an online sound dock contest plus he invited me to go to the game as well, and every one of us were at the 30-yard line plus close enough to the players to smell their frustration when the score was 14-0. It was seriously chilly on the morning of the game plus the temperature was a chilly 33 degrees; Denver often enjoys cooler hot plus cold temperatures while I was in the fall plus Wintertide weeks plus the arena is exactly one mile above sea level, then that is the reason why Denver is called the mile high city. My neighbor plus I knew it was going to be particularly chilly outside, so all of us stopped at a cannabis dispensary before the game plus picked up a disposable vape pen with a hybrid cannabis blend inside. The Pineapple Express cartridge had 75% THC plus it was discreet, portable, plus easy-to-use at the game. Every time our neighbor plus I went to grab a budweiser from the vendor, all of us hit the cannabis oil pen a couple of times. Every one of us might not have been warm, however all of us absolutely did not mind since all of us were hi with a buzz from all the beer, and at the end of the game, all of us were disappointed by the loss of the Denver cabin team however all of us still had a good time going to the game for free. It’s an experience that I will not forget for a long time.



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