The delivery driver and his route

I had an incredibly long week at work.

I have been laboring nonstop since the boss offered myself and others a big project, then now that the project is completed, I can finally sit down and relax for a couple of afternoons.

I assume prefer I have been constantly on the move. On Sunday when work was done, I went right lake home and put on our tennis shoes and a comfortable pair of shorts. I didn’t plan to go anywhere at all while in the weekend. I ordered a couple of pizzas from a local shop and I also ordered recreational marijuana from a Denver dispensary. The dispensary delivery driver could not find the address to our apartment. It must have been the guy’s first day on the job. I’ve ordered from the marijuana dispensary in Denver a couple of times in the past and they have never had any trouble finding the address. The delivery driver called myself and others more than two times, because she got lost on the way to the address. When the Denver dispensary driver finally arrived, the girl looked sleepy and disheveled. The Denver dispensary driver told myself and others that it was her first night on the job, then she had recently moved from Seattle and didn’t assume anything at all about the Denver area. She got lost more than two times trying to find our apartment. The town is actually big. It’s going to take the girl a long time to get her bearings… Denver has a lot of a single-way streets and there are tourists all over the venue. It’s not exactly the easiest venue to learn the geography and streets.

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