The concert was in South Philly so we found a cannabis shop nearby

I told my Dad that my sibling plus I were going to a concert that was in South Philadelphia, but my Dad reminded us that it was illegal to ride with marijuana in the car.

My Dad knows that my sibling plus I both like to use medical marijuana for recreational reasons.

My Dad hates the fact that we smoke marijuana in the automobile plus she is consistently concerned plus upset that we are going to get into trouble or worse an accident. My sibling plus I promised my Dad that we would not drive with marijuana in the car, but the concert was in Philadelphia plus I knew that we would be able to find a cannabis shop nearby. My sibling plus I drove down 2 hours early so we could find a marijuana dispensary, and unluckyly, there was a lot of traffic on the turnpike plus we didn’t get there until an hour before the concert, however i was upset that we were not going to get in before the first act started, but my sibling honestly wanted to smoke a joint before we loved the concert. I wanted to smoke too, so I provided into her request plus we started looking for a marijuana shop nearby… We found numerous marijuana shops in Philadelphia, but the closest one was seven miles plus I knew it was going to take about a half an hour to get there. We found a marijuana shop in Philadelphia plus purchased a couple of pre-rolls. We smoked one of the joints while we were driving back to the concert site. We still ended up being almost 40 minutes late for the opening of the show.



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