The chemical compound was very confusing

When I shop at my local recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver, I pay a lot of attention to the terpene profiles of the various products! Terpenes are natural occurring chemical compounds plus are found in more than just cannabis.

They are responsible for the flavors, smell plus colors friendd with multiple herbs, citrus fruits plus cannabis. They cause certain strains to taste and/or smell particular plus some offer therapeutic benefits, recent studies indicate that the terpene profile works in partnership with the cannabinoid pleased of a strain. Two strains of cannabis flower with the same percentage of THC will produce a different experience. Terpenes aren’t intoxication but can influence the effects of THC… I believe that all the people are way too preoccupied with how much THC there is a strain rather than focusing on the terpenes. There is research indicating that some terpenes offer curative potential for mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety plus bipolar disorder. THC, CBD plus other cannabinoids plus the terpenes interact with each other to create an “entourage effect.” The full spectrum of cannabis compounds labor synergistically to determine the effects plus sensations. I make sure to read the labels on products, lab-maintained cannabis brands often list the terpene profile plus packaging date. I look for freshly packaged products because terpene concentration often diminishes with time… One my favorite terpenes is beta-caryophyllene, which is also found in cloves, hopes plus rosemary. It is supposed to be nice for treating symptoms of anxiety plus depression. I also look for Linalool which has a smell similar to lavender plus is nice for alleviating stress.


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