The cannabis dispensary was right across the street from our hotel.

When I visited Las Vegas, NV, it overwhelmed myself and others with the lights & the several casinos they had, but i remembered seeing old TV shows & motion pictures that were based in the Las Vegas, NV area, & none of them prepared myself and others for what I was certainly going to see, then las Vegas, NV, was its own little world.

I could not count how several casinos/hotels there were in the city, and even when you got outside of the main casino area, you could find more, and all the little communities that surrounded Las Vegas had casino floors, but not as elaborate! The next thing that surprised myself and others was how several marijuana dispensaries they had in the area.

I started counting the several marijuana dispensaries I saw in Las Vegas, NV, but I soon lost count, however my partner said he wanted to go into a single dispensary, but I didn’t love the stink of marijuana, however he called the marijuana dispensary that was right across the street from the hotel & asked if they delivered? They delivered to private residences, but not to the hotels. They said every one of us could put in an online order & pick it up at the back door. The only thing I didn’t love about Las Vegas, NV, was that every one of us could not get marijuana delivery to our hotel room, now that I look back on our trip to Las Vegas, NV, I realized the marijuana pick up wasn’t all that bad, both of us got to walk around the neighborhood a bit & l gained that every one of us enjoyed seeing new things together.

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