The basketball game was more fun with the vape pen

I have been a baseball fan since I was a little kid… I played t-ball when I was numerous and I played in The Little League when I was 8.

  • I played baseball in private school and in school as well.

I attended College in Denver and I stayed in Denver after I was done with school. I became a mega fan of the Colorado Rockies, but the Colorado Rockies are Denver’s major league baseball team. They play more than 50 games each season and I have tickets to every 1 of the beach condo games. I take a friend with myself and others every time I go to the game, and most of the time it’s Jack, however he is equally a huge baseball fan. He does not care about to leave his wife and kids at home, so he does not go to every 1 of the games. Things have been hard for Jack during the last couple of months… Since his wife had a new baby, there has been a lot of stress and Chaos. When every one of us opted to go to the Denver baseball game on opening day, I decided to surprise Jack with a recreational Cannabis vape pen. The two of us have loved recreational cannabis in the past together. I know it’s not something that Jack prefers to do every single day, although I thought this would be a great split and a nice way to relax while every one of us were at the baseball game. When Jack realized that I had a vape pen and every one of us were going to get high during the game, he started drinking beers too. The guy absolutely put up his feet and relaxed.

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