The argument will only last a few days

When the air conditioner service professional was done, I called my sister

My sister and her boyfriend argue all of the time. Sometimes she comes to stay with me when they get into a big fight. She never stays very long. Their arguments only last a few days. Usually my sister will forgive her boyfriend after he texts her 40 or 50 times to say I am sorry. They have the most volatile relationship I have ever seen. They are an absolute mess. They should really break up and take some time apart from each other, but they are totally codependent. The last time my sister got into an argument with her boyfriend, she called me to pick her up. She was in Phoenix. I asked my sister why she was in Phoenix, and she told me that her boyfriend and her had been at a club. They got into an argument and her boyfriend left her stranded in Phoenix. I was waiting for a repairman to finish with my air conditioner. I scheduled a late night air conditioner service maintenance appointment and my sister was going to have to wait until the repairman was done. The service specialist finished about 30 minutes later. When the air conditioner service professional was done, I called my sister. She was still sitting outside of the club, but now she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I told my sister that I wasn’t going to drive all the way to Phoenix if she was not going to leave with me. Then she asked me if I could wait to see if he apologizes, before I leave.


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