The airport lost my luggage

20 years ago, my partner and I decided to go to Las Vegas for our honeymoon! Las Vegas was a lot odd back then and there weren’t nearly as many casinos as there are today.

My partner and I flew all the way across the country to Las Vegas… The airport lost our luggage and our Travelers checks, however both of us were stuck in Las Vegas separate from any currency.

Both of us had to get the bank to wire currency to the hotel. My partner and I did not prefer that trip undoubtedly much at all and we truthfully did not plan to go back to Las Vegas ever again! When our kid got married and decided to have the ceremony in Vegas, my partner and I had to make another trip to Sin City. Things were much odd this time around. My partner and I took a direct flight this time, so we wouldn’t have to worry about losing our luggage. Both of us did not take traveler’s checks. Both of us had currency and credit cards instead; Recreational marijuana what has legal in Las Vegas when we chose to go for the trip. My partner and I thought it might be fun to try recreational marijuana. My kid went to a dispensary and picked out many odd items for people to try. My partner and I smoked a sativa strain joint! I only smoked a little bit of the joint and I started to know high. I had not used recreational marijuana since school. My partner and I giggled and laughed a lot the night that we used recreational marijuana. Both of us actually had a lot more fun in Vegas the minute time we went.

Medical Weed Las Vegas Nevada