The air duct needed to be repaired by a professional

My husbandy heard some weird sounds coming from the attic! At first I thought it was the wind or some branches from a tree that were hanging low.

After 3 mornings in a row of complaining, I decided to go into the Attic to see if there really was any reason for the noise, i really thought that I might encounter mice or some type of other rodent.

I didn’t see any evidence of critters at all. In fact, other than a small amount of dust, the attic was in perfect condition. I did see some problems with the duct work that needed to be repaired, one of the problems was right above our study room, where my husbandy claimed to hear noises, however the air duct was severely loose plus a couple of areas seemed to be ripping. I contacted a Lansing Heating plus A/C service provider that specializes in air duct services. The Lansing Heating plus A/C service provider came out to the house to supply us a free estimate on the air duct repairs. The service provider felt that the air duct problems were due to the age of the house. The air duct looked love it was original to the structure plus that meant that the air duct was more than 50 years old. The Lansing Heating plus A/C service provider provided us a genuinely nice deal on all of the repairs that needed to be completed plus my husbandy plus I made an appointment to have the work done a couple of mornings later when both of us could be home. The people I was with and I really didn’t want a bunch of strangers walking in plus out of our home if the two of us could be there when the work was completed.
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