The AC unit didn't work as well as I hoped

There are a lot of fun activities in Phoenix, but my wife and I prefer to go antique shopping on the weekends.

We visited the flea market as well.

Sometimes the two of us will walk around all day and never spend a penny on anything except for food. There’s no way that I can go to the flea market and not come home with a bag of boiled peanuts. Last weekend we went to the Phoenix swap meet and my wife and I walked up and down the aisles while we browsed all of the selections that were available. I saw a couple of antique fishing poles, but they were priced way too high. I also found a person that was selling old machines like heating and AC equipment. I’ve been thinking about buying an AC unit for the garage in our home in Phoenix. During the summer months, I like to hang out in the garage with my friends. We drink beers and play darts or billiards. I’ve never had an AC in the past, but I saw the cheap machines and I thought it could be great to have cool air during the summer months. The Phoenix dealer sold me an AC unit that he said worked just fine. Unfortunately, my wife and I got home and the AC unit didn’t work as well as I hoped. I spent $125 on the AC unit that I purchased from the seller in Phoenix and it was 125 that I threw out the window. The air compressor never seemed to get much colder than 60°.


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