The AC service took all afternoon to be done

I spent most of the afternoon with my mom, but he called me yepterday because he said it was sizzling in the house, but i asked my mom to tell me what the temperature was on the thermostat.

She said that the temperature was 74° and that the air conditioner was running.

I didn’t feel it was a sizable deal because my mom said the AC was running, so I didn’t worry about the temperature problem, however around midnight, I got a call from my mom. I was sleeping and I thought that something was seriously wrong, and the worst SATs and fears went through my head at midnight when my mom called. She is 74 years old and lives alone! He told me that he was dripping with sweat and miserable and there was absolutely a problem with the AC. She was going to call an emergency service business in The Villages to help. I did not want my mom to call an emergency AC service business unless I was there. It was the middle of the evening and I did not feel safe having my elderly mother call someone. I told my spouse that I had to leave and he got up and got dressed. The two of us drove to The Villages. It took about 20 minutes to get to my mom’s house. She had already contacted the AC service dealer. She wasn’t going to listen to me at all. About 5 minutes after I arrived, the service repair from The Villages arrived. If I would have waited for a cup of root beer to brew, my mom would have been alone with the repairman. Sometimes he makes me feel crazy.

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