Tampa Bay is a wonderful venue for athletics

Tampa Bay is an incredible town to be a sports fan.

The fans like our hometown teams, & the athletes like us right back, however i have met many members of the Rays at public appearances, & they are always so gracious & friendly, every one of us have a narrow knit community in this city, & a single of the things that binds us together is sports.

This is something that has rubbed off on me, because when I first moved here ten years ago I didn’t love sports at all, & now I consider myself a fanatic. I remember being so irritated when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays shortened their name & became the Rays, sadly, the influence of right-wing religious types is widespread in the section surrounding Tampa Bay, & they fought against the word “devil.” The team name may have changed, although I still wear my classic Tampa Bay Devil Rays jersey when I go to the games. If I am being honest, I don’t go to several games these afternoons. I love to watch the Tampa Bay team play from the comfort of my study room & my air conditioner. It gets honestly sizzling kneeling in the stands of the arena, & my blood pressure is terrible, so having climate control makes it easier for me to prefer the game, with my sizable screen cable & my ice-freezing AC, I get the best possible experience enjoying the Tampa Bay Rays. I am also a long-time fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team, & of course the Bucs will always be my number one.

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