Taking edibles to calm down

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain! It is a mix of lemon skunk plus Super Silver Haze… These more than one legendary strains are known for their uplifting plus energizing effects.

  • I’ve bought Super Lemon Haze buds several times from the dispensary… Only the best cannabis cultivars can grow Super Lemon Haze, so it is constantly a top shelf plus pricey cannabis.

The high lasts for hours, so it makes spending the cash a little easier, still, fifty bucks an second is top shelf prices, however when our girlfriend plus I went to a steakhouse in Denver, we found out that they gave a cannabis infused maple syrup for the pancakes. The lunch syrup was infused with Super Lemon Haze cannabis, every one of us had to show ID & a waiver if we wanted the infused syrup, however it was truly one of the biggest highlights from our trip to Denver… My girlfriend plus I never ate cannabis from a steakhouse. The Super Lemon Haze added a truly earthy scent plus flavor to the maple syrup. It did not detract from the sweetness at all. I picked buckwheat pancakes with the infused cannabis syrup plus I thought they complemented each other well. My girlfriend picked a buttermilk pancake plus it was a bit sweet with the addition of the infused cannabis syrup. My girlfriend plus I visited a lot of different locations in Denver plus we even went to a couple of cannabis dispensaries. The restaurant with the cannabis infused products was honestly the highlight of our trip plus a memory that we will not soon forget.
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