Taking care of my indoor air quality in Lowell

I will admit that I am pretty nuts about my indoor air quality.

They say the indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outside air. I live in Lowell, Massachusetts. That means the outside is constantly cold and we have to shut our windows with the heater going on high. That means the same air is moving throughout the house. I don’t want to breathe in dirt, dust, and hair most of the year. I have looked into Lowell indoor air quality equipment and basically bought everything. I have UV lights in my air conditioner and I use a humidifier with the heater. This ensures that the air is clean when the AC is running and the air is moist when the heater is working. I also have an air purifier that is installed in the return ducts. As the HVAC opiates, the air purifier is used to clean the air. No dust or smells when an air cleaner is working. I also have invested in high quality HEPA filters. They catch more dust than the typical air filter. It is more expensive and I change them every three weeks, but I feel it is worth it. Finally I do regular ductwork cleaning just to make sure there isn’t anything stuck up in here that is gross. I feel it is necessary when I use my heater as often as I do. I spend a lot on my HVAC equipment but I rely on it 24/7. So you get what you pay for.

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