weird stuff

I Want This! I Want That! Oh, That Weird Thing!

I’m a full-fledged thinker, scarce psycho, sucker for spicy food and a complete weirdo .. Yesssssss…I love weird stuff and I can’t help but say “What the fuck is that? I want it!!” And then share these awesome strange inventions I found online Covered turtle chip dip server with mesh shell dome  An upscale turtle designed dip server constructed with stainless steel mesh cover and acacia wood base offers both style and convenience. The interior with four serving compartments and a…

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Good Stuff In Odd Sizes Part1

  I just found cool stuff from 2 malls in Mandaluyong, one very huge clutch bag and a tiny porcelain enamel cookware…lol And yeah a supposedly wooden tissue man ♥ A huge clutch bag that takes 2 hands to clutch 🙁 Look! It fits my palm! Lol. Those tiny cookwares are for the side dish.. Uhmm, I wonder why they even bother to make such cute cookwares lol, but it’s a wonderful gift idea though.. Hehe.. I actually spit tissue…

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