Another Year, Another Self-Reminder: My 2015 Lesson

Last month I wrote about how does each of us measure our success(How Do You Measure Success?) I am glad that a few people expressed their thoughts about it. One night, it was a quiet contemplation as I stand alone outside my apartment. There I was, staring at the dark sky. Puffing smokes on my cigarette. My short gasps were noticeably heavy, it felt like my world just stopped before me. I’m favored with artistic skills and I do have a stable…

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Food and Inspiration

   Admittedly, this entry is inspired by my irresponsibility of skipping breakfast for three consecutive weeks. Apparently the unhealthy practice seemed to have caused my often “quick-brain-cells” to  have the “Skippy” performance. Forgive me for my dysfunctional literacy in case my delineation of this subject is causing you to chortle as you read. How not feeding our inspiration emotionally affects us has the same idea about how our bodies react when we skip what can keep us stimulated, like food. The result is for us to become less…

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Thy my soul of quarrels molded the blissful end note Hence, awakens the mist of an untold story How great you are! Essence of time! My distorted music is now in sweet rhyme. For long the sea uttered – let it be taken! Your ashes of doom and woes unspoken Fear not! the sway of fate Fear not! the embrace of hate For I fathom my guards do wary me From my addled dreary days For my dauntlessness alleviates me…

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