happy days

Waking up Feeling Awesome

No makeup, haven’t washed my face, not even a combed hair..Uhm, I just remembered I wore the same outfit as with my pictures on my previous post Allow Me To Be Silly: Selfies. I understand what I’m writing about may not make sense to many, I just simply want to share that I woke up feeling AWESOME today! As much as possible I want this fresh start of the year to be all positive in spite of my pecuniary difficulty due to last…

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What It Means To Be Happy As A Blogger: Blogapalooza Way..

1. Feel Absolutely Adorable! Ah! 2. Be on your silliest mode..Even if you look like an idiot..(it’s OK, they don’t care!) Hug A MAXCOT! 3. Own the moment of touching the skies! Even in a fake hot air balloon 🙂 4. Nevermind the mouth-opening moment with a hot dude aka. Mr. Flawless, as long as you are standing next to him! It’s an opportunity! 5. Blogapalooza is all about being yourself, your own way, OWN your way and so, take…

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