Allow Me To Be Silly: Selfies

I found myself ascending from my bed feeling giddy and at my iffiest rise and shine situation (because I slept with an empty stomach.) I grabbed my mobile phone and just stared at it like “what am I supposed to do with it?” Selfie! Selfie! Oh how senseless fun you are! Why in the world have I thought of taking selfies? Well, I also have my oafish moments. So, please allow me to be silly.

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Good Stuff In Odd Sizes Part1

  I just found cool stuff from 2 malls in Mandaluyong, one very huge clutch bag and a tiny porcelain enamel cookware…lol And yeah a supposedly wooden tissue man β™₯ A huge clutch bag that takes 2 hands to clutch πŸ™ Look! It fits my palm! Lol. Those tiny cookwares are for the side dish.. Uhmm, I wonder why they even bother to make such cute cookwares lol, but it’s a wonderful gift idea though.. Hehe.. I actually spit tissue…

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