Allow Me To Be Silly: Selfies

I found myself ascending from my bed feeling giddy and at my iffiest rise and shine situation (because I slept with an empty stomach.) I grabbed my mobile phone and just stared at it like “what am I supposed to do with it?” Selfie! Selfie! Oh how senseless fun you are! Why in the world have I thought of taking selfies? Well, I also have my oafish moments. So, please allow me to be silly.

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Facebook Apps: Click & Find Out More Crazy Stuff About You!

Here we go, I’m back to talk about another hilarious apps found in Facebook, this time it’s predicting “whose who’s,” and  fun quizzes that has positive and humorous results. Some of the apps are so tawdry, maybe it would’ve had so fun if I am a 12-year-old girl but for an adult it’s really silly. It’s more of a teenage-Asian-stuff kind of fun (it’s designed and defined that way in their perspective at least.) Other apps are cool because  it…

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Have Your Facebook ID , Google Yourself and See Crazy Things About You!

There are a bunch of crazy apps you can find on facebook; from games, funny videos, weird stories to hilarious quizzes, and I came across this app from http://xeefunapps.com/ advertised on my home page and they offer a different kind of fun stuff. I guess since Mark Zuckerberg’s outrageous success they now have an online university intended for people hooked on facebook? It looks like my fanatical level of facebook scores average  ♥ 🙂 ♥ Lol And there’s more! At least the app “google…

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