erotic poem

Provoking The Innocent

Those lustful eyes of consuming desire Fettered urge of surging fire Your sight exploring my feminine contours Allowing me to play your mind’s eye until it hurts Is the good boy in fear of freeing his beast? As your subdued bed-snake grow larger before the feast Riding that monster and let it feel my deepest core That’s the kind of danger I’ve been craving for Hang in there lover boy, take it easy Let your lust merge with mine, keep those hands busy I am never gentle,…

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ruddy face lover, next to a bottle of wine Mellow-eyed sweetie pie, I will make you all mine Shall we drink another shot? No need to be fast We can play a game later and make the intimacy last Do you need more ice? You seem to look uneasy Be careful when you sip You might quiver with bliss Please, don’t look at me with that smile glowing In me it creates a yearning overflowing We seem to be overwhelmed…

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