Food and Inspiration

   Admittedly, this entry is inspired by my irresponsibility of skipping breakfast for three consecutive weeks. Apparently the unhealthy practice seemed to have caused my often “quick-brain-cells” to  have the “Skippy” performance. Forgive me for my dysfunctional literacy in case my delineation of this subject is causing you to chortle as you read. How not feeding our inspiration emotionally affects us has the same idea about how our bodies react when we skip what can keep us stimulated, like food. The result is for us to become less…

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“Growing Old With You”

We all want someone in our lives to grow old with, that old school fancy dream of a forever love story. Yet, every love story has an end, it always does. The fear of growing alone is terrible even for those who have survived life without finding a partner. We have seen, perceived more than one kind of unpleasant endings, for which most are elements of our own actions. Does an end rely on fate? Perhaps it’s the FAITH missing which is supposed…

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