black and white

Remembering The Black and White Artist In Me

Growing up as a depressed child, I locked myself in my world where I can just sketch my wishes and express my gentle side that I barely show to others. Perhaps there was still a small light left in my dark childhood since I had rarely sketched anything that illustrates my loneliness and heartaches. I sometimes envy those artists who are aficionados of expressing themselves in a much bolder art forms, sculpting odd shapes and using different mediums. Like painters who are masters of blending vibrant colours that…

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Serious Interracial Dating Concerns We Probably Laugh About

What really made me write about interracial dating is not really because it’s the trend nowadays, but it’s because surprisingly, there are still few girls I know who considers dating a foreigner like a job interview. These questions; “How would you adjust to their actions?” or “What if I can’t relate to their choice of conversation?” or this common sign of apprehension “What if they get turned off by something I say or do unintentionally?” At some point in spite…

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