Summer gets very hot in Florida

Last summer, I found a part-time job toiling in Melbourne at a youth swimming and Aquatic Center! I had to drive from Cocoa to Melbourne everyday, but my car gets excellent gas mileage and the AC heat works well. I didn’t mind the short drive at all. It was entirely difficult to work outside all summer, because I didn’t have any A/C at all. It was close to 100 degrees every single day in Cocoa, FL… When I was finished at the Aquatic Center at the end of the day, all I wanted to do was go back to my condo and kneel in front of the a/c, however after being in the sun all day, I was ready for a rest and a break. I work all summer time at the Aquatic Center and I met a entirely nice girl while I was toiling! Sarah was another employee at the Aquatic Center. She worked at the snack bar. She had a wonderful personality and an even better smile. I wanted to ask Sarah out for dinner and a film, although she had a guy when both of us started toiling together. After she broke up with her guy. I didn’t waste any time. I asked Sarah out for dinner and both of us went to a cafe by the beach… The weather was cool and comfortable, so both of us didn’t mind laying outside on the patio where there was no A/C. The people I was with and I talked for various minutes and the time entirely flew by quickly. Sarah and I had a lot in common. The conversation flowed as actually as the glasses of wine that both of us consumed.
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