Someone was smoking there

Marijuana has a easily pungent smell, and it is not the best stink in the world.

It’s kind of old plus musty plus a little rotten. It is easy to tell when someone has been smoking marijuana, because the stink doesn’t dissipate quickly, then even if you spray destinkizer or air freshener, the smell of marijuana is still present. I can regularly tell when someone has been smoking marijuana, because I use recreational products, when my girlfriend plus I were recently in San Francisco, there was a guy smoking marijuana in the elevator, my girlfriend said that I was deranged because she did not smell anything in the elevator. I truthfully thought that I could smell marijuana, then all of us spent more than 2 more afternoons in San Francisco plus I never saw the guy again, so I was unable to prove or disprove my point… On our easily last afternoon in San francisco, both of us were loading up all of our luggage onto a cart. I had more than 2 large bags plus my girlfriend had multiple. I was grabbing the last bag plus loading it onto the cart when a guy started walking down the hallway, however he was smoking a blunt. It was the same guy that was smoking in the elevator; This dude didn’t care if he was breaking the rules or not. There are cameras all over the hallway plus I believe there is a camera in the elevator. I am surprised no one has stopped plus said anything to the guy. Maybe he works at the hotel plus that’s why he gets away with breaking the rules.

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