Smart thermostat for traveling outside of Lowell

I live in Lowell, Massachusetts but I have to travel a lot for work. In Lowell the majority of the time the temperatures are cold. The summer season is quite brief and pretty underwhelming. So what I end up doing is prioritizing my heating situation. I get regular service and repairs on the system. A real danger is pipes freezing during nights that get below freezing. Since I travel a lot for work, I used to just turn up my thermostat and leave my house set at 75 no matter where I was. It would stink if the area had a sudden warm burst. I didn’t like that I was always heating an empty house too. Some flights weren’t that cold. Well I recently upgraded my situation since I fly all the time. Getting a smart thermostat was a game changer. Now I can control the heating and AC from anywhere I have wireless internet. It is super great that the thermostat automatically scans the home for people in it. If there is anyone in the house, the heater will automatically fire up. When nobody is in the home, it turns off. I have a lower temperature that no matter what, heat will fire up. I also have a high temperature that the thermostat will no longer heat to. It is especially nice being able to change my home temperature when I am on a work trip. I save so much money by not heating my house during the day and only on cold nights. I check the local weather, make some adjustments and then I am good to go.



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