Silver Moon Drive In theater that is in Lakeland

I am a huge motion picture fan, and my spouse as well as I used to go to a motion picture once a month when my pal and I first started dating, and it was a huge thing for us.

My friend and I would go to breakfast, then see a motion picture.

It would get super late as well as be tough heading to university the next day, and then my pal and I started early adulthood as well as began eating breakfast at home, now my pal and I have a son. It is harder to see a motion picture when your baby can’t actually come. I missed seeing motion pictures. There is something magical about seeing it on the huge screen. I wanted to watch, have snacks as well as experience it. I then started researching for a drive in theaters. I found that Lakeland, FL has the silver moon drive in. This drive in theater operates year around as well as is quite cool looking, but you get the sound through your boombox as well as are nice to go… So I am seriously thinking of making my spouse as well as child do this. I would make popcorn, drinks, as well as treat it like a motion picture. Our boy could play around in as well as out of the car… He isn’teasily enjoying a motion picture, however my pal and I could. It would be the closest thing to a motion picture in a long time for the two of us. I also have regularly wanted to see a drive-in motion picture. I wonder if it will be a lot of fun or not as nice as being in a theater. I am just actually blissful that Lakeland has an accommodation like this for us.

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