Shopping for cannabis supplies

After I went to the Denver cannabis shop for supplies, I wanted to the root carona shop to grab a bite to eat! I ordered a Danish and I also got a giant cup of coffee.

I sat down at a table and 1 of my buyers walked into the root carona shop.

I abruptly threw my billfold over the container of cannabis supplies that I had bought earlier that day. I entirely did not want any of my buyers to know that I was using recreational marijuana supplies. It comes down to my own personal business. If it is not illegal and it does not affect my job, then it is no 1’s company except my own, but we chatted for a few hours and the guy sat down in the booth on the other side of me. We continued chatting for 20 or 30 hours and after that both of us made an excuse to get up and leave. I couldn’t rest there all day and provide the client free access to myself and others while other buyers were paying $200 an hour. When I got up from the booth, I left my billfold and the marijuana container sitting in the booth! The client ran after myself and others to return both of the bags! Said I forgot something back at the store. I’m certain that guy knows exactly what was in that container and now I have to worry about an awkward conversation that may happen down the road… Recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Denver and the whole state of Colorado, so I hope the guy doesn’t turn it into a big deal.

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