Serving Orland Park for twenty years

I was working in my dad’s shop at the time, because the economy was in the toilet.

I needed a job, my dad needed help with his business, and there wasn’t a dime to spare between us.

As much as I did not want to work for my dad – if I’m being honest I didn’t want to work at all – I did not have a lot of options in this post-COVID world. What I really wanted to do was to make movies, but that required equipment and money, neither of which I had. It’s not like Orland Park is known for filmmaking, anyway, but to me it just meant that I would be the first director to come from here! Dad is well established in Orland Park, and has been serving the community with his HVAC repair company for over twenty years. History doesn’t pay the bills, however, so all that time and experience in the Orland Park community is not a guarantee that he will stay around for another year, or even another month. He let his other three HVAC techs go and brought me in as a cost-cutting measure, so now my dad and I are serving all of Orland Park on our own. I have total confidence in my old man, he is still sharp even at his age, and eventually maybe I will take over the HVAC business myself. In another twenty years we will be able to say that our little HVAC company has been working in Orland Park for almost fifty years, and it will be almost true.
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