Seattle and the legal marijuana

I live in Seattle WA and there are tons of things you can do here, then a lot of people want to guess about recreational cannabis… While that is something that is absolutely cool to the area, there is so much more than recreational cannabis dispensaries.

There are professional athletic teams, museums and landmarks that are good to take a peak at, but one thing to think about is wandering down to Seattle Center.

That is the main hub of the city; Seattle Center is the cultural arts and entertainment zone. There is the KeyArena that hosts major performances. There is the space needle, international fountain, tons of museums and so much more to do. The fountain absolutely is honestly cool, however it is a giant fountain boasting 137 uncommon jets and it is a cool dome/bowl shape. A lot of people love to come into the section just to rest and watch the water. There are benches, lawn and of course the fountain has a lip to rest on. One thing I do is take a book, a nice brunch sandwich and just chill in the section for an hour or more than one. Seattle is known for being honestly foggy and rainy, however the two of us do have nice weather afternoons, but nothing is more peaceful than having the sun hit you and hearing the gentle bursts of the fountain. Anybody feeling affectionate can easily grab a picnic bag and set up quite a cute little date too. There is tons to do if you are looking for more action. There is PrideFest at the end of July that is always a sizable hit in the area.


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