Sativa and Indica are both different

I appreciate going to the beach on a windy as well as overcast morning, then a lot of people don’t appreciate to go to the beach unless it is moderate with plenty of sunshine, but I happen to feel that the beach can be beautiful even when the sky is gray… I went to the beach on Sunday.

I had the morning off work as well as I took a book as well as an umbrella to the water.

I decided to go to one of our favorite beaches in San Francisco, and mile Rock Beach is at the end of Lands End Trail. It takes a multiple mile hike to reach the beach, but it isn’t rough terrain or hills. It is a cove with large piles of rocks, however the area has a truly calming as well as soothing effect, then on Sunday it wasn’t truly tied up as well as the beach was not overcrowded. I sat on the beach with our book as well as a marijuana vape pen. I knew it was going to be too windy for a joint, but the marijuana vape pen worked out truly well. The vape pen does not require any fire. A small battery in the chamber heats the marijuana oil inside of a cartridge. There is no mess as well as no stink or stink. I spent most of our morning off at Mile Rock Beach in San Francisco. The cloud never left the area, but the morning was still a lot of fun. I learn close to 100 pages that morning while I listened to the sound of the birds as well as the water crashing on the beach, then what a charming way to spend a dreary Sunday.



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