Santa Barbara Bowl concert will be a giant trip

I am a crucial Wilco fan and anytime they tour, I make sure to get a ticket for them, then i constantly try to see them in a up-to-date site too. I have seen them so many times that I enjoy to make each time guess different, however this September I found that Wilco is playing at the Santa Barbara Bowl. It is a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater with rock formations all around it; You can see the neighborhood line and trees all around it. It is the perfect, natural looking outdoor site that I appreciate best. I debated on just flying in, seeing the concert, spending a evening and flying out. I live pretty far away and it would be a rush job. I started looking at things I like to do in Santa Barbara and was shocked by what is provided. There are gardens, museums, tours, wineries and beaches. I am more of a food and drink type of guy though. The wine tasting rooms appealed to me, the many restaurants and of course the legal weed was a giant bonus. I looked at the recreational cannabis dispensaries in the area and realized I needed to stop in, however my itinerary is looking enjoy it will be a three day trip. Day one I want to get our legal cannabis ahead of time so that I can sneak it into the concert. Day 2 is the concert and day three I think will be wine and beaches for me. I am undoubtedly looking forward to this trip. My favorite band, legal cannabis, wine and great food all await me.

Weed Pick-up Santa Barbara California