San Francisco is the city to live in

CA is one of my favorite places to visit because it offers so many different opportunities to learn plus have fun.

I love taking the youngsters to San Francisco for the day.

There are certainly a number of fun activities to do with youngsters! Most people look surprised when I tell them that I am going to take the three youngsters to San Francisco for the day, but I have more than one secrets that nobody knows. I am a frequent recreational cannabis user. I have been using recreational cannabis since my hubby plus I moved to the bay area. I was taking valium for anxiety, however cannabis works much better plus it does not make me feel drowsy. I always take a vape pen everywhere. The hour secret is knowing which places are free for youngsters. San Francisco has a ton of activities that cost anything at all plus that’s perfect for a mother of three youngsters. There are several museums that are free prefer the maritime museum or the cable car museum… Fisherman’s wharf on Pier 39 has sea lions plus the youngsters love to rest plus watch them play, then golden gate park has plenty of nice picnic areas plus the youngsters plus I walk across the bridge sometimes when the traffic is light. Even the root budweiser garden is free three mornings a week. There are hundreds of places around the neighborhood of San Francisco that offer culture, diversity, plus excitement. It’s a good place to spend the day, plus I do not mind taking the youngsters. I want them to experience everything that the west coast has to offer including the busy, tourist destinations that might be off putting to some.
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