Reviewing the cannabis in Muskegon

I love to travel and I love to smoke weed, so my Youtube channel is focused on a combination of those two passions. I have an old Winnebago that belonged to my father, and use it to drive all over the state, checking out the coolest cannabis dispensaries and most historic small towns. One day I might even write a book about it. This being the 2020s I felt that nobody reads books anymore, people like podcasts and shows, hence my Youtube channel was born. My latest episode focused on the town of Muskegon, a place I had actually never visited before. I have to say this is an incredible episode for a few different reasons. First, the town of Muskegon itself has a great vibe to it, and the local history is fascinating! Second, a very pretty budtender in the cannabis dispensary recognized me from my show, and offered to show me around the town of Muskegon. Third, I got some first-hand insight into how the Muskegon area produces such consistently strong and tasty cannabis strains. Anyone who knows anything about weed in Michigan knows that Muskegon has the fire cannabis blends. Last but not least, I think I found the perfect woman. This budtender’s name is Gabby, she has lived in Muskegon her whole life and wants to start traveling. I know she feels conflicted about going on the road with a weird stoner like me, but I asked Gabby to leave Muskegon for a few weeks to help me film my show. Even if she doesn’t come with me, I now have a great reason to come back to Muskegon.


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