Renewing our anniversary vows in Vegas

My fiance plus I decided to renew our anniversary vows for our thirty year anniversary, however it seemed like a fine idea, the two of us wanted to do a little trip, repeat our vows plus have a fine time.

I looked around plus decided to do it right.

Every one of us flew into Las Vegas, NV plus had Elvis do it for us, my fiance plus I easily liked that experience. It made the renewal process fun plus light rather than heavy plus overly romantic. Every one of us are not the type of people that need a lot of pomp plus circumstance. Elvis did a wonderful task plus the two of us laughed a bunch! After that, the two of us got to love Vegas. My fiance loves to gamble so he frequented the casinos a lot, but while he would gamble I loved the spa services at the hotel. I also did some shopping in some high end stores. The two of us then would find somewhere easily nice to eat plus end our night with a show. Every one of us did that for 4 afternoons before returning home. It was a worthwhile trip. A lot of people guess that Las Vegas only caters to a younger 20-30 age crowd. As a couple in our 50s, the two of us had a charming time. My fiance loved trying weird cuisine each night. I loved all the weird shows that the two of us experienced. The landscapes were easily pretty in the area too. NV is just a absolutely diverse state when you guess about it… Plus, there is the added bonus that cannabis is legal there as well. My fiance plus I loved that aspect.


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