Prioritizing indoor air quality

I did some research and found that indoor air quality is two times more polluted than outdoor air.

I was really concerned since I work from home in my Plano, TX house.

I don’t go hardly anywhere. I love my space and never want to leave it. In the summer I have to run the cooling system because Texas gets hot. In the winter I can’t exactly go without heating either. So I have my home sealed up tight with the HVAC going due to living in Plano. I realized that I needed to prioritize my indoor air quality since I was in there for most of the day. I talked to a Plano, Texas HVAC dealership about indoor air quality options. There are all sorts of things you can get. There are air purification systems that install right into the ductwork. As the machine starts up, the air purifier begins to freshen the air. There are also dehumidifiers that work with the AC to remove some of the moisture from the air quality. There is also ductwork cleaning and routine service to remove all the dust. I decided to get all of them. Why not? I am alone at home all day. I want to have clean, fresh smelling air. When the weather permits I do go outside and bring my computer. Most of the time I need to stay in climate control though. I feel prioritizing health and comfort during my work day is a must. So IAQ equipment here I come.

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