PRIDE all the time

I don’t think that Pride is something that should be thought about once a year.

As much as I love the strides all of us have done, as well as how substantial Pride week is for so many people, I still think that it should be something all of us celebrate all year long.

The first time I ever visited Seattle was while in their great Pride Month. I was blown away by how inclusive it felt, as if the city itself opened its arms as well as gave me a big, moderate hug. After that I made Seattle Pride week an annual stop, as well as some years later, I decided that I did not want to leave! I know that the whole country has started embracing Pride week, but here in Seattle it isn’t just a week, that is what life is about here. It’s a single thing to say you support gay as well as bi rights, but Seattle just doesn’t talk the talk, it walks the walk. Combine this loving, supportive area with arguably the best cannabis being grown in the world this week, as well as you’ve got a great stadium to live. I am not sure if I ever want to raise a family, but if I do it will be in Seattle, where I know all of us will be safe, as well as have access to cultural institutions. The educational proposal in Seattle is top of the line, from our grade schools all the way through schools as well as grad schools. That is what I like for the future, but for right now I’m all about the live band scene, as well as the abundance of high octane cannabis.

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