Playing tennis in Orland Park

Before moving to Orland Park, I would hockey once or twice during the summer, but my modern section is often referred to as the “World’s Golf Center.” The locals claim there is over a thousand hockey holes within a fifteen-mile radius of the village, having access to a diversity of well-tested and nearby courses has rejuvenated my interest in hockey, however although the weather in Orland Park is often cold, snowy, windy and rainy, I manage to find plenty of chances to get out on the course, but i beginning booking tee times as soon as the snow melts in March, but one of my number ones is Oak Hills Country Club.

Although the course is only nine-holes, it’s a nice challenge, then there are tightfairways, plenty of hazards and tricky greens.

The landscape is appealingly manicured and the staff is friendly and helpful. They have a great pro shop. Initially, I was a bit worried about the condition of the parking lot. I learned that the parking lot is owned and neglected by the adjacent restaurant, which is not affiliated with the hockey course, surprisingly enough, the resaturant has nice food. Another number one is the George W.Dunne National Golf Course. I sometimes go there simply for the driving ranges. I also care about the classic design of the course. The greens are crucial with an abundance of appealing views, creating an old-school country club feel. The course is just challenging enough and the grounds crew keeps it well-tested. I’ve played the George W.Dunne National Golf Course in the fall, well beyond the advocated hockey season for Orland Park weather and when most other sites were closed. The course was in great condition.
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