Playing disc golf

My friends and I aren’t genuinely athletically inclined… Living in Orland Park offers a lot of athletic options too, you can ice skate, play soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball to just name a few; My friends and I all struggled to find a group interest, however the people I was with and I didn’t just want to hang around the local suppliers and eat.

The people I was with and I like to be active, but none of us are fantastic at athletic interests.

The people I was with and I finally found our thing, then doogan Park offers a 9 hold disc golf course, but it was set up in 2008 and it has wooded areas and steep hills to make it tougher. It gets the group walking and moving around. It also is genuinely low key and a great de-stressor. The people I was with and I are all exhausting at disc golf but have a blast! Our group made a pact to play the course every week. That means even in the dead of Winter all of us are playing the course. It makes it genuinely fun trudging through the snow and battling the wind. Every season offers a modern challenge, however since The weather in Orland Park can go from chilly to 79 degree mornings, all of us have experienced all types of difficulties. I have gotten sunburned, totally frozen, rained on and had a perfect afternoon to play in… At the end of the game all of us go to someone’s house, use their Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system, raid their fridge and all hang out as a group. It has been a genuinely fun tradition for us all. You would guess with playing as often as all of us do the group would get better, no such luck yet.


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