People love Washington Park in Denver

Dogs are welcome in the park

The person who helped program NY’s famous Central Park also had a hand in creating WA park, or Wash Park as it is colloquially called by Denverites… For outdoor lovers who live in or visit Denver, Wash park is a particular arena to get lost and find your peace. Shaped like a giant rectangle, its basic shape is simple, however the adventures to be had are absolutely abundant and range from all-day treks to a fast dinner in between meetings. Then if you love gardens (who doesn’t?), you are in for a pretty nice treat. WA park has a good amount of them. On the south side, near lake Windermere, there is a garden that strives to replicate the garden that Mrs. George Washington enjoyed at her household! Near the other lake in the park, yes, you saw that right. There are 2 lakes in WA Park. There is a garden with walkways that wind you through the attractive blooms. Perhaps Springtime is the most enjoyable time, or maybe even the hot season while away in WA park. If you love to run, there is a running/jogging/walking trail that is a nice 2 miles or so. You can lace up your trainers and supply it a go! Don’t hesitate to supply Fido a leash and bring him along for the journey. Dogs are welcome in the park. When marijuana was declared legal in Colorado, Denver was able to enjoy a tourism boom, however it isn’t the lenient cannabis laws that bring people back regularly. It is the natural beauty and the warm, welcoming people of Denver that make people want to actually reside there and visit there often.


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