People enjoy visiting Washington Park in Denver

The guy who actually assisted with the planning of New York’s famous Central Park also had a hand in creating WA park, or Wash Park as it is colloquially called by people living in Denver! For outdoor enthusiasts who live in or visit Denver often, Wash park is a place to get lost & find your inner peace.

Shaped like a giant rectangle, its basic shape is relatively straight-forward, however the adventures to be had are seriously abundant & range from all-day treks to a quick supper in between business meetings.

If you appreciate gardens (who doesn’t?), you are in for a remarkable treat. WA park has a pretty good amount of them. On the south side, near lake Windermere, there is a garden that easily strives to replicate the garden that Mrs. George Washing was able to appreciate at her residence. Near the other lake in the park, yes, you read that right, there are a couple of lakes in WA Park. There also is a garden with walkways that bring you through the appealing blossoms! Perhaps Springtime is the most pleasant time, or maybe even warm season, to enjoy the park. If you fancy a run, there is a running/jogging/walking trail that is roughly three miles. You will be able to lace up your trainers & get to it. Don’t hold back with bringing your dog along either. Dogs are welcome in the park all the time. When marijuana was chosen to be made legal in CO, Denver appreciated a tourism boom. Of course, it isn’t the respectable cannabis laws that bring people back year after year. It is the natural beauty & the charming people of Denver that make people want to live there & visit there as much as possible.
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