Epic Tourist Attractions

Historical Dream Vacation Part II: Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions

Looking for a historical dream vacation? There´s no doubt that Turkey is one of the nations with the best ancient civilization, having two spots on my list.

Resorts I Die To Visit

Vacation Paradise: Hotels And Resorts I Die To Visit

Vacation Paradise: Hotels And Resorts I Die To Visit is a list of the best vacation destinations that is absolutely worth the money.



A clash of the ancient and modern architecture resulting an Epic HISTORICAL DREAM VACATION. I always have been very fascinated by ancient dwellings and ruins. Here I have the three best ancient ruins to hotels and resorts.

Stuff Must Haves: Amazing Furniture Designs

Bold, unique and definitely stylish furniture for the modern and retro enthusiasts. This Stuff Must Haves of Amazing Furniture Designs is worth checking out for.

Got No Reason, Got No Shame: The Fickle Artist

Art is so diverse that it is almost spiritual, you have the choice to put your faith in it or simply let it rot in your lack of aesthetic sense. I believe being casually changeable with using your artistic skills doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a negligence, (I know I seem to sound like trying to console my guilt over it.) But, as goes by the saying, “the prognosis can necessarily be only an educated guess.” Perhaps, my viewpoint regarding this deviation is…

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Food Review: A Memorable Food Feast At Mongkok’s

This Cantonese restaurant in Glorieta 2 Makati City is by far my favorite among all the Chinese restaurants I’ve gone to. The place may just the typical Chinese restaurant, but the food will hook you up! Judging Time! 1. Fried Shrimp Ball OMG! I so love this edible ball! It looks lovely with that crispy noodle coating and it tastes delightful! This is deep-fried but impressively not oily. My favorite characteristic of this shrimp ball is its moist inside and its…

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Waking up Feeling Awesome

No makeup, haven’t washed my face, not even a combed hair..Uhm, I just remembered I wore the same outfit as with my pictures on my previous post Allow Me To Be Silly: Selfies. I understand what I’m writing about may not make sense to many, I just simply want to share that I woke up feeling AWESOME today! As much as possible I want this fresh start of the year to be all positive in spite of my pecuniary difficulty due to last…

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Another Year, Another Self-Reminder: My 2015 Lesson

Last month I wrote about how does each of us measure our success(How Do You Measure Success?) I am glad that a few people expressed their thoughts about it. One night, it was a quiet contemplation as I stand alone outside my apartment. There I was, staring at the dark sky. Puffing smokes on my cigarette. My short gasps were noticeably heavy, it felt like my world just stopped before me. I’m favored with artistic skills and I do have a stable…

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The Terrible PR Bungle Of Cherry Bustamante Burwell & Sandstorm Organizers

“For The Reader: The Good Stuff About The Event Will Be Posted After This Transparent Exposure Of A Not So Good Experience..I’m Still Working On The Videos And Pictures Showing Darude’s Awesome Performance.” I gave myself enough time to contemplate before I decided to finally publish regarding my experience during an all-out-beach-party-electronic music festival with the International Techno Producer DJ Darude. Let me just highlight this, only the Sandstorm star, DJ Darude made our night less painful, we enjoyed his live…

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Food and Inspiration

   Admittedly, this entry is inspired by my irresponsibility of skipping breakfast for three consecutive weeks. Apparently the unhealthy practice seemed to have caused my often “quick-brain-cells” to  have the “Skippy” performance. Forgive me for my dysfunctional literacy in case my delineation of this subject is causing you to chortle as you read. How not feeding our inspiration emotionally affects us has the same idea about how our bodies react when we skip what can keep us stimulated, like food. The result is for us to become less…

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