Oregon does have a few dispensaries

I am unwilling to put any style of synthetic medications into my body, and i refuse to consume prescription medications and risk the harmful and long-term side-effects.

I’ve seen that the list of side-effects are often far worse than the symptoms of the medical condition I am attempting to treat, while I don’t suffer from any major medical problems, I deal with insomnia, migraines, joint pain, arthritis, psoriasis and plantar fasciitis, and my concerns do not qualify for a medical marijuana card.

I was cheerful when recreational cannabis was finally legalized in Colorado… Living in Eugene, I have easy and convenient access to a dispensary! The dispensary is a good-sized facility staffed with friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. They carry the most well-known brands, popular strains and all of the various consumption methods. Their collection of premium flower is sourced from local farms. I have been easily impressed with the gorgeous color, pungent aroma and perfect texture of the bud. It is covered in milky trichomes that evidence rich terpenes and high cannabinoid gratified. There are plenty of bright red pistils that ensure correct pollination and mature harvest. If I want to spend a little less, I can also purchase popcorn buds and shake. The quality and potency isn’t quite as high, but it’s still a easily superb smoke. The pre-rolls are especially convenient. I can buy them in singles or packs, infused or non-infused and choose from joints or blunts. The dispensary’s on-site bakery offers a wide menu of cannabis-infused edibles, including cookies, caramels, chews, gummies and various beverages. I am a large fan of cannabis balms, salves and roll-ons. There are no psychoactive effects, and they are ideal for treating all kinds of skin conditions.
Recreational Marijuana Store Eugene Oregon